Help This website consists of a five step naming process:
  1. Analyze an existing name or configure parameters for creating a new name.
  2. Verify name(s).
  3. Decompose chosen name.
  4. Layout name.
  5. Make report.

1. Create new name

Advanced settings


Alternative characters

If you want other characters than a-z that looks like or can be interpreted as letters i.e.: 1=l, 0=o, @=a etc.

2. Verify names

The name engine looks for inappropriate words (swearwords etc.) in each name. If anything is found is displayed after the name, else a green check box is displayed. Evaluate if possible findings effect the name choice and cancel inappropriate names.

3. Decompose name

The name gets decomposed into all English words which can be found inside it, thus showing the values and signals it conveys.

4. Layout name

Create your own layout using different fonts, colors and domain extensions.

5. Make report

The result is put together in a quality report which easily can be e-mailed or saved as PDF.

Tips for naming

Learn from real name examples to get great ideas and to avoid mistakes. Read articles etc. under the naming resources.