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Company names from Fortune 500

del Dutch a slut
cum English [n. noun] semen, ejaculate Note: Possibly from "to come" (i.e. to ejaculate), it is widely used in the porn industry (vide porn video dialogues & titles); also used as a verbas in "John is cumming inside Mary". umm English [interj] expressing hesitation (um)
Costco Wholesale
cos Persian vagina hol Dutch an arse, an anus Note: The literal meaning is "hole". ho English Whore Note: slang.
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fis Swedish [noun] fart
ConAgra Foods
cona Portuguese pussy con English to swindle nag English to find fault incessantly
Conseco Foods
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pero Czech [n. noun] cock Note: (feather)
Coca Cola
cola Swedish [noun] Coke Note: Cocaine.
segg Hungarian 1. ass/arse 2. female genitalia Note: The second meaning is less common. seg English advocate of racial segregation
loo English watercloset, restroom, toilet Note: British term, "John has gone to the loo."
mula Mexican Spanish [f. noun] impotent male Note: It is a BIG insult to imply that a Mexican man is unable to have children. (Mexican Spanish) rim English [verb] to perform analingus (i.e. tongue-on-anus contact).

Service names

aho Japanese Fool! Idiot! Moron! yah English [interj] used as an exclamation of disgust
twit Quebecois [m. noun] This word is use to describe a rather silly person... Note: ex, T"es un beau twit!
kut Persian shit
May sound like cut English [adj] circumcised. Having the foreskin of the penis, or the clitoris removed. Note: seems to be more British than American. See "clipped". Males were circumcised back in Biblical times as a form of obediance, and as a sacrifice to the Almighty Lord. Women in some Indian civilizations were circumcised as a ritual, and a form of punishment. The purpose of this is to desensitize the woman so that sex is no longer enjoyable.

Bad company names

Pen Island
penis English [noun] the male copulatory organ.
shit English [verb trans] defecate in ones clothes Note: E.g., John shit his pants. Sentences of this sort have in addition to the literal meaning, the meaning to be very astonished, "John shit his pants when Mary told him she was knocked up." hit English to strike Shi Chinese shit
May sound like Shyt English (rewriting, intrj./noun/verb) shit shy English timid/to move suddenly back in fear
poo English [noun] shit, poop.
Bitterroot Fly Company
bitter English No explanation. Similar words: bittersweet, embittered bitte French cock, prick Note: "Bitte" has the literal sense of "bollard". bit English to restrain with a bit err English to make a mistake pan English to criticize harshly bi English [adj] bisexual Note: abbreviated form of bisexual, "John is bi."
May sound like flic French [m. noun] police constable, cop
Cum Bookstore
boo English to deride

Bad product names

Honda Fitta
Honda Fitta sign
fitta Swedish pussy fitt Swedish [prefix] count. Used like "fittdåligt" meaning very bad.
SARS English [abbr] Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. A respiratory disease in humans which is caused by the SARS coronavirus. ars Arabic Pimp
Wack Off
off English to kill
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May sound like vagina English No explanation. vag English Abbreviation for Vagina.
pus English viscous fluid formed in infected tissue
May sound like pussy English vagina Note: also refers to a cat, but not a woman. There is some variation whether "pussy" refers to any cat or a female cat.
retard English No explanation. Similar word: retarded eta Japanese Outcast. Lower-class. ex Swiss German [expr] bottoms up ! (empty your glass in one go) Note: there is also a verb "exä" for this way of drinking
Pee Cola
pee English to urinate [offensive]
May sound like eek English [interj] expressing fright
Hitto Finnish Damn [it]
Cock Flavoured Soup Mix
cock English penis Note: This is one of the more common synonyms for penis. "John has a small cock." lav English lavatory
May sound like ick English [interj] expressing distaste
Golden Gaytime
golden English No explanation. Similar word: golden shower gay English merry/homosexual old English [adj] of age, ancient, musty
May sound like GAI Russian Road police
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May sound like wee English [verb] piss, pee, puddle, urinate.
I.Beat blaxx
beat English give a beating to; subject to a beating, either as a punishment or as an act of aggression. lax English not strict or stringent
May sound like blacks English [noun] a person with dark skin who comes from Africa or whose ancestors came from Africa (derogatory). black English No explanation. Similar words: blacklisted, blackmailed, blacks
muf English [noun/acronym] Mutually Understood Falsity. Similar to irony. Pronounced Moof.
Ogio Shling
shling English 1)[verb] The action of taking a bong rip consisting of Marijuana. 2)[noun] Derived from the word shlong (a penis). An insulting term for an exceptionally small penis.

Descriptive and funny product names

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anus English Asshole Uso Japanese Liar